Experience true grace and elegance at The Estate at Foxfire.  Built in 1932, the historic residence and surrounding grounds have captured the imagination of national and international political and cultural figures for nearly a century.  In 2017, The Manor House was meticulously renovated, transforming the property into a crisp, chic version of its former equestrian self.


Foxfire’s Manor House sits regally atop the rolling hills of Monkton’s countryside.  In updating the home, homage was paid to its legacy as a historic breeding and training farm, while infusing a calming and vibrant energy into the aesthetic.  Vaulting ceilings throughout the home, allowing more light into the central core and finishing the walls in raw plaster and antique molding in shades of white, breathed instant life into the rooms.  A nod to the home’s heritage, dark, rich floors, waxy raw woods, and heavy, hand-woven Belgium textiles also elevate the design and add texture and warmth.  Layered with antiques from around the world, used in a sparse and understated way, the overall palette and spirit stays young and impactful. The 127 acres surrounding the estate only enhance the experience, with each window perfectly framing a scenic view of the pristine countryside.

With over 8000 square feet of living space, the elegantly furnished Manor House has six bedrooms and bathrooms, six fireplaces, a pool and two quarries, one of which makes for an ideal and secluded swimming hole. A remodeled chapel serves as an additional two story guest cottage, and features two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms.  It also sits next to a quarry.

The Estate at Foxfire hosts just four (4) exclusive events each year and is also the perfect getaway for intimate groups or corporate retreats. The Manor House and guest cottage sleep up to 21 guests, with housekeeping and an onsite host/concierge available throughout your stay.  Visit The Details page to learn more about hosting a private event with us or submit a request to


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